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"THE Waldorf-Astoria: New York"


This collection consists of reproductions of illustrations from the publication "The Waldorf-Astoria, New York." The promotional book was compiled in…

America's Palace

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In October of 1931, President Herbert Hoover took to the airwaves to announce to the opening of the Park Avenue Waldorf=Astoria Hotel. This historic…



Created in 2012, the Waldorf Astoria Amnesty Program called to the masses to return artifacts taken from our hotel over the last 80+ years as a way to…

Anbang Insurance Company


In February 2015, the Chinese Insurance Company, Anbang, made history when they purchased the Waldorf Astoria New York Hotel for a record-breaking $2…

Art Deco

Waldorf Astoria Park Avenue Entrance.jpg

When the decision to build a new Waldorf=Astoria Hotel was made, the managers and investors of the new hotel were most emphatic that the atmosphere,…



The items in this collection contain accounts of present and past events and "happenings" here at our hotel. Speakers or headphones are required for…

Building the Waldorf


The images of the construction of the Park Avenue Waldorf Astoria were made in 1929-1931 by the Thompson-Starrett Company, the construction agency…



Collection of items contributed to the Waldorf Astoria Archive via the contribution plugin.


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Dinning at the Waldorf

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Opened in 1931 as the successor to the original circa 1897 Waldorf Astoria, the world’s first “skyscraper hotel,” remains one of the world’s…