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The preeminent reputation of the Waldorf Astoria on the world stage is shaped by the illustrious and ordinary who have passed through it. Elite…



The Waldorf=Astoria has cultivated a long tradition of hosting high-profile events and providing a stage for major musicians and performers from all…

The Original Waldorf-Astoria Hotel

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The original Waldorf-Astoria Hotel began as two hotels, the Waldorf and the Astoria, built by feuding cousins William Waldorf Astor and John Jacob…

Waldorf Astoria Park Avenue


The Waldorf Astoria we know today occupies an entire city block bounded by Park and Lexington Avenues, and 49th and 50th Streets. It has stood as a…

Building the Waldorf


The images of the construction of the Park Avenue Waldorf Astoria were made in 1929-1931 by the Thompson-Starrett Company, the construction agency…

Art Deco

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When the decision to build a new Waldorf=Astoria Hotel was made, the managers and investors of the new hotel were most emphatic that the atmosphere,…

Dinning at the Waldorf

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Opened in 1931 as the successor to the original circa 1897 Waldorf Astoria, the world’s first “skyscraper hotel,” remains one of the world’s…

America's Palace

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In October of 1931, President Herbert Hoover took to the airwaves to announce to the opening of the Park Avenue Waldorf=Astoria Hotel. This historic…

"THE Waldorf-Astoria: New York"


This collection consists of reproductions of illustrations from the publication "The Waldorf-Astoria, New York." The promotional book was compiled in…

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