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The Wedding of Philip Hall & Jacqueline Chadwick


The Wedding of Philip Hall & Jacqueline Chadwick


The following collection was created in response to the numerous photographs Philip Hall has donated to the Waldorf Astoria Archive through the contributions plugin feature. To contribute your Waldorf Moment, you may click the contributions hyperlink above!

In the words of Mr. Hall himself: "The wedding took place on October 29th 2010. It was of Philip Hall and Jacqueline Chadwick. The bridesmaid was Jacqueline's granddaughter Lucie Joy Priest. Jacqueline was 'given away' by her two brothers Ralph Chadwick and Dennis Wall. My Best man was my brother Dennis Hall - who as he has a fear of flying traveled back and to with his wife Margaret on the Queen Mary!

Jacqueline's hair and makeup were done by the marvelous staff in Kenneth's. Something now in family folklore is that when her brothers turned up at Jacqueline's room to escort her to the wedding, her brother Ralph said to the granddaughter Lucie - 'Oh you look beautiful' - Lucie replied 'If you think I look good wait until you see my Nan!!!' and she was indeed correct. Kenneth's staff had made her even more beautiful than she is. Our guests gasping as she entered the room and I almost burst into tears!

We are from England, and approximately 30 guests followed us from England. Many coming along with us on our Honeymoon to Las Vegas where we spent 5 days at the Bellagio. Flowers for our wedding and the room set up was done by your in house florists, Floralia, designed by Lawton Tootle. It was all organized and overseen by the superb Alan Shukovsky and his staff - no item was too small or big to sort out. The food was spectacular from the hors d'ourves to the unbelievable wedding cake! All the staff were wonderful, friendly and attentive whilst being unobtrusive.

On the evening we traveled down the Hudson on a glass topped boat, arriving back for a nightcap or two at Sir Harry's bar. An absolutely magic and unforgettable day. One of the things we most treasure is that on our wedding license it states we were resident at the Waldorf Astoria! The Bull & Bear firmly entrenched as our favorite bar and restaurant anywhere in the world! The steak in the Bull and Bear is truly the best we have ever tasted. The Sunday Brunch (to which most of our wedding guests came) is just out of this world. We cannot praise the Waldorf enough. Now we are so proud that our photos will be in your archives. Something to share with family and friends."

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This image shows the place settings for the dinner celebrating Mr. and Mrs. Philip Hall's wedding in the Conrad Suite of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Hall pose for the camera at their wedding held at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

At her wedding in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Jacqueline Chadwick was "given away" by her brothers Ralph and Dennis.

Jacqueline and Lucie Joy pose for a photograph on Jacqueline's wedding day.

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