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For decades postcards have been unique transporters of messages and information to and from loved ones. Although postcards now serve as novelties, traditionally they were a much cheaper alternative to communicate with loved ones while away on business or vacation.

This collection of postcards features both the Old and New Waldorf Astoria Hotels. They display lithographic, photographic, and other artistic depictions of the interior and exterior of the buildings. Many retain their dated postage and messages written by hotel guests while others offer commercial synopses of the spaces they feature. Collectively, they highlight the celebrated reputation the Waldorf Astoria hotel has maintained throughout its history.

Items in the Postcards Collection

Postcard features an image of the Bull and Bear Restaurant

Postcard features an image of a Salon of a French Suite. These rooms re arranged so that one to four bedrooms can be added en suite.

Postcard features an image of Oscar Tschirky's farm in New Paltz, N.Y.

Postcard features an image of the unique Waldorf Clock --nine feet of bronze which stands majestically in the center of the Main Lobby.

Postcard features an image of the Silver Gallery -- A gallery of mirrors! Decorations and lighting fixtures are of silver and crystal. These were taken from the Astor Gallery in the "old" Waldorf Astoria hotel.

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